Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raise Your Hand If You Know What Spalted Means

I was wandering through the Etsy aisles in the woodworking section, when I noticed that I kept seeing the same term over and over again: spalted. Now, says I to myself, what could this word mean? I have a fairly extensive vocabulary; yet these woodworker types seem to know this word that I know not. Because I'm a freakishly curious type, I felt the need to look it up.

However, Webster's remained strangely silent on the term spalted. I tried "spalt" instead, and this is what I discovered: "To split off; to cleave off, as chips from a piece of timber, with an ax." Therefore, this seems to mean that a spalted piece of wood is a piece of wood that has been chopped up. Got it.

So here you go...some spalted items for your viewing pleasure

Spalted Maple Dish

Spalted Birch Pot

Spalted Maple Bowl

Spalted Oak Vessel with Bubinga Finial

Spalted Maple Vase

Seahorse Box