Friday, March 4, 2011

Helping Teachers Is Hard!


I sell things on eBay. It's not always the most exciting hobby, but I do often learn quite a bit in the process - not only about the items that I'm selling, but also about the eBay community, people in general, and life itself. One of the most recent things that I have learned is that it seems as though some teachers just don't want to be helped.

In the course of my eBaying, I discovered a nonprofit organization called With this truly awesome organization, you can donate not to some nefarious organization that may or may not have children's best interest at heart, but rather to the teachers themselves! Additionally, you as the donor actually get to see where your money is going.

Here's how it works: a teacher signs up for the site and makes a wishlist from the catalogue on the site. A donor may then donate toward a certain item, or make a general donation toward a certain teacher. Once the teacher accumulates enough money to order an item, he or she may do so, and will send the item to the school that teacher works for. Now, I would suggest that the teacher wait until he or she accumulates an order of $60 or more so that there is no shipping charge!

And now for the part that makes it hard to donate to these teachers: most teachers haven't made wishlists! How am I supposed to donate to your classroom wishlist if you don't have one? If you're a teacher, get on that site and show me what you want. If you do, be sure to leave me your name in a comment so that I can actually donate to you. As it stands, there is only one teacher on there that I am interested in donating to. I'm afraid he's going to get all of the things he wants, and then where will I be?

If you're not a teacher, please spread the word to any teachers that you know, or let your child's school in on the existence of this site. Donate to your own child's teacher. It's the best investment you can make.


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