Monday, November 9, 2009

If I Were A Kangaroo Greeting Card Review

If I Were a Kangaroo.... A Limited Edition Love Card

As I wandered through this seller's store, this kangaroo card really jumped out at me! Yeah, I know...bad pun. I thought so too. As luck would have it, this card does not include a bad pun, but does include sparkly things. Who doesn't love sparkly things?

The sparkly things in question happen to be Swarovski crystals and they also happen to be randomly placed upon the kangaroo's shirt. Yes, I said the kangaroo's shirt. Why is this kangaroo wearing a shirt? The kangaroo may know, but I do not.

Now for the really cool part: If you want this card to include your very own very bad pun, you can buy it with nothing written inside of it! On the other hand, if you want it to include something slightly sappy, yet grammatically correct, this seller has a slightly sappy inner text already designed to supply you with.

In the tags area, this seller would benefit from combining the terms "cards" and "greeting" into "greeting cards" so that the tag "kangaroos" could also be added.

This seller ships everywhere, allowing for the greatest possible customer base by location; however, this seller only accepts Paypal as a payment option. Accepting another form of payment (such as the highly recommended money order) would open this listing to a wider potential customer base, thereby increasing the odds of a sale.

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