Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Altered Mirror Review

My immediate thought upon seeing this mirror is: "Cool design and colors." This thought is immediately followed by: "Valentine's Day colored? Only if you're a bit on the gothic side." Not that there's anything wrong with goths...but I think more of reds and pinks and whites for V-Day than black (I just went back and realized that what I thought was black is actually dark brown). Granted, it has red in it, and a very nice shade of red. Still, I think calling it Valentine's Day colored is stretching the truth a bit.

I really like the background on this picture. Is that a sheet? Sure looks like it. The folds of the white sheet soften the effects of the red on black mirror design.

Additionally, the angle that the picture is taken from is nice. Taking more of a head-on shot would have not looked nearly as pleasant as this does. Furthermore, taking the shot from this angle prevents the dilemma of the camera being seen in the mirror's reflection. Instead, we seem to see the ceiling reflected in the mirror.

Although the seller lists this item as having "a cute swirl design", I think of it more as a "vines and berries" design. I can't imagine the little round balls as anything besides berries, though this could be partially due to the color. Lots of red berries here in central TX :)

Overall, both the picture and the item itself look quite attractive. If you haven't already, come check it out here:

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