Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Plum Cozy Scarf Review

Plum Cozy Scarf

What a gorgeous color for a scarf! The main picture is very well done, with a nice cameo style fade. This listing makes me wish I had a mannequin to display my scarves on. Ah well, in the absence of a mannequin, my fiance makes a very pretty model, particularly for flowery hats and pink scarves. It brings out the color in his beard.

But speaking of pictures, this seller has done an excellent job of filling all the available picture slots. Every picture taken shows an alternate way to wear the scarf, and each of them are viable.

Concerning tags, there is no reason for listing the tag "handmade," since all items on Etsy (except vintage or supplies) are handmade. This tag slot could be put to better use by replacing it with another word such as "fall." Many people wear scarves in the fall as well as in the winter.

Shipping for this scarf is available anywhere in the world, creating the largest market possible by location. However, as I have a tendency to repeat, I recommend offering at least two forms of payment: Paypal and one other. Money orders are relatively safe, and many buyers who will not use Paypal will use money orders.

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