Monday, November 2, 2009

Man Lies Pillow Review

Man Lies pillow in Purple

Man Lies Pillow In should I take this? I am lost within the maze of many possible meanings here. Does this refer to the picture of a man lying on the pillow, merely a comment on the supine state of the person drawn there? Or is there a deeper meaning?

Perhaps, for instance, all of the colorful designs on the pillow represent a man's colorful lies. Or, perhaps "man," in this title, refers to mankind as a whole. This would explain the somewhat neuter image presented of the individual on the pillow. The orange makes me think of Egyptian heiroglyphs, supporting the possibility of the "mankind" lies theory. And, is this pillow a representation of those lies, or is it merely a statement that mankind does, in fact lie?

I could also interpret this heading to mean that a man is lying something in something purple. But what? What is this purple thing in which the man is lying his pillow. And is it his pillow or someone else's pillow? This would, of course, imply that the writer of this listing is using the word "lies" in place of "lays," but all things considered, that doesn't seem like much of a stretch of the imagination. So many questions, often never answered.

The pictures in this listing are good, showing all sides of the pillow. I might add a picture of someone lying on the pillow, but otherwise, the pictures are crisp, clear, and leave little to the imagination.

The description could use some editing. Glancing over it, I see capitalization and punctuation errors, to name a few. In the tags area, the seller may want to substitute the word "cushion" in place of the word "poly fill." A prospective buyer will more likely search for "cushion" when looking for a pillow than "poly fill."

Offering shipping to everywhere is an excellent way to appeal to all Etsy buyers, but by only accepting Paypal, the seller is removing the portion of buyers that avoid Paypal from the customer base. The seller should consider accepting another form of payment, in addition to Paypal. I always suggest accepting money orders because they are relatively safe.

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