Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aaliyah Original Oil Painting Review

Aaliyah - 24 X 36 Original Oil Painting - EBSQ

Many minutes of my life have passed while I studied the thing in the upper left corner of this painting. I cannot determine positively what it is. After much consideration, I concluded that, if anything, it must be a wine glass. Another possibility that I considered was a sparrow, but I'm leaning more toward a wine glass than a sparrow. I have no clue what relationship Aaliyah had with wine glasses or sparrows, but I imagine that she probably had a lot more to do with wine glasses than she did with sparrows. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's my guess.

I would love to see more pictures in this listing. Pictures of this painting hanging on the wall, both framed and unframed, would show the buyer how the painting could look in the buyer's own home; thereby, making the buyer more inclined to purchase the item. Also, many buyers may not realize the sheer size of a 24" x 36" oil painting. Placing the painting close to an item the buyer can more easily relate to would help the buyer to understand how large this painting is.

I can't help but notice that the seller only offers shipping within the United States. Because Etsy is such an incredibly diverse place, filled with people of many nations, only marketing towards those in the United States cuts out a large portion of the potential customer base. The more customers that are able to purchase the item, the more likely it is that the item will sell.

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