Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghoulish Goodies - Cookies in a Jar Review

Ghoulish Goodies - Cookies in a Jar

Initial reaction to the picture: What the heck is in the bottom of that jar???? And then I read on to discover: Oh, my gosh! It's cookies in a jar!

With oatmeal, pecans, M&Ms , chocolate chips, and sugar in this container, what's not to love? The seller even offers to mix you a custom batch that doesn't contain nuts, if you're allergic.

But the fun doesn't stop with the yummy goodness that's inside. The outside of the jar is decorated with Halloween fabric displaying ghosts, bats, and pumpkins.

I love the pictures on this item. Not only are there a lot of them, but also they were taken outside with good lighting and a tasteful background.

The polka dot black and orange ribbon against the ghost/pumpkin/bat fabric may have been a tad much though. There's only so much activity that should be happening in one area, and the polka dots push this one over that edge. Might try that fabric with a plain black ribbon for a better effect.

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