Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Gameboy Fabric And Felt Electronics Case Review

Gameboy Handheld Fabric and Felt Case - iPod iPhone iTouch Cell Phone Gadgets and more

The nerd in me is totally geeking out over this oh-so-awesome electronics sleeve that looks like...a Game Boy! I am taken back to my childhood...a time of long car trips and brothers who say "lemme alone, do somethin' else." My answer: the Game Boy!

Now, if you're thinking that the creator did an excellent job of imitating the way that an actual Game Boy looks, then you're absolutely correct. After all, this is a photo of a Game Boy printed onto cotton photo fabric. I was previously unaware of the existence of "photo fabric" and I am very impressed with the quality of this.

The main picture in this listing shows the item, tilted at a nice eye-catching angle, and with an electronic device partially inside. This effectively allows the potential buyer to see the item, develop interest in the item, and see how to use the item - all before clicking through to the listing.

Once on the listing page, the prospective buyer may view the back of the case, a glimpse of the wool interior of the case, the packaging of the case, and other case options that a customer may choose instead of the gameboy case.

The seller offers shipping to the US and to Everywhere Else (yes, that means you). Unfortunately, it appears that the seller only accepts Paypal for payment. Because some buyers do not use Paypal, I suggest accepting Paypal and at least one other form of payment (money orders are relatively safe).

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