Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Blossom Hair Clip Review

Halloween Hair Blossom

What a stunning hair clip! I love the way that the orange and black chiffon layers appear to flow from one side to the other. This effect appears to be created by placing less of the material on the left than on the right side of the button, so that the flower appears to be leaning to the left. The vintage button adds to the overall effect, looking almost like a flower within the larger flower.

Did I say "appears" enough yet? Pretty soon, I'll have to inform you that you're actually in The Matrix. Would you like the red pill...or the blue pill? But I digress...

I would love to see more pictures of this item, particularly if it were displayed in the hair of a young model. Although the photo currently on this listing is quite fetching, using a human or a mannequin as a model would make it easier to see the size of the hair clip in relation to the average head size.

If I were to purchase this hair clip, I would wear it to a Halloween dance. Placed daintily behind my left ear, this eyecatching hairpiece would accentuate my long black dress as I sailed across the dance floor.

Altogether, this is a beautiful item perfect for that special Halloween occasion. I also notice that shipping on this item is only one dollar within the United States. With the cost of shipping supplies, plus the actual shipping, the seller of this hair clip must be perilously close to losing money on shipping costs. Be careful of the usps demons - they take much more than they give!

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