Monday, October 26, 2009

Chocolate Brown Clutch Review

Chocolate Brown Clutch

Is it a flower? Is it an English symbol of royalty? Is it a monster from the depths of I have no idea where? Call it what you will, but the design on this clutch is intricate and beautiful. And, as an added bonus, while you're waiting in the doctor's office for your name to be called, you can play psychologist with your fellow patients by asking them "What do YOU see in this picture?" Be sure to raise your eyebrow when you say this. People find this very intimidating.

I'm thrilled with the usage of the photo slots in this listing. However, I think the second picture should be the main picture. The main picture seems darker than the others and may not accurately reflect the actual color of the clutch. Additionally, the angle in the second picture gives more depth than the frontal picture presented in the main picture.

The placement of the brown-on-red designer's tag is excellent. The contrast works very well to offset what would otherwise be a harsh interior. This listing shows excellent picture quality, a great close up view of the flower design, and an adequate view of the back of the clutch.

I approve of the shipping options outside of the US, although the seller might want to consider shipping to Canada and Everywhere Else.

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