Monday, October 26, 2009

Sterling Silver Chunky Shell Pearl Necklace Review

Sterling Silver and Chunky Shell Pearl Necklace

I was struck by the simplicity of this black pearl necklace. This single pearl strung on a leather cord reminds me of a Christmas tree ornament. With the swarovski rondelle at the top of the pearl, the sterling silver fastening peeking out the bottom, and the wire connecting the rondelle to the cord, this ornament looks sure to hang around any neck with style.

The black necklace set against a white mannequin is a nice visual touch, creating maximum contrast. I really like that the seller used all of the picture slots, although I would make the second picture into the main picture. This would demonstrate the necklace being used in the thumbnail, thereby decreasing the amount of thought necessary for a buyer, and increasing the likelihood that a potential buyer would click through to the actual listing. If a buyer has to think about what an item might be, he or she might simply pass on to the next item rather than read what the title says.

I love the third picture. The way that the seller has swirled the leather cord into loops is very attractive.

I'm pleased to note that this seller has listed four different options for shipping destinations - US, Canada, Australia, and the ubiquitous Everywhere Else. The seller may regret having such a low shipping cost to Everywhere Else when Everywhere Else becomes Russia, however. Sometimes, international shipping can be more expensive than one might imagine.

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  1. thank you so much alice, i really appreciate the time you spent to review my item, and also for the nice comments. you are right about the international shipping costs, i will definitely look into it.