Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Miniature Brass Gavel Review

Miniature brass gavel

I'm not certain what it is that I find so intriguing about a judge's gavel. Is it the shape? The color? The loud sound it makes when it slams against something? Perhaps I was a judge in a previous life. Whatever the reason, I find gavels very attractive and seem to gravitate toward them.

The pictures of the gavel are nice enough, but I would love to see this gavel against wood. I would be able to associate this gavel with a courtroom more easily if it was on a wooden desk, because courtroom judges traditionally pronounce their judgments behind wooden desks.

I would like to see more tags on this items, such as metal, traditional, silver or gray. I generally suggest filling up all fourteen tag slots with descriptive words. The more words a seller puts in the tags of an item, the more likely that item is to appear in a search made by a potential buyer. Make sure to think of all of the words that a buyer might type in order to find the item.

If a seller ships internationally, he or she should list international shipping prices. International buyers may click through to the listing, scan down to the shipping area, see that the seller has not listed international shipping rates, and move on to the next item. Even though the seller says "convo me for an international shipping quote," the buyer may not see this upon a quick scan or the buyer may be unwilling to write a convo to the seller and then wait for a response, only to find that the seller's international shipping prices are too high.

This seller only lists Paypal as a payment option. I always suggest listing Paypal plus at least one other form of payment. Many buyers do not use Paypal, and money orders are relatively safe to accept.

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