Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crayon Hearts Review

Crayon Hearts

I remember melting crayon scraps when I was little. My brother and I would dump out the old shreds of crayon shavings onto a piece of paper. We would then fold the paper in half and heat it up in the microwave. We would take the paper out while the crayon was still molten hot, and open it up. After allowing it to dry, we would look at it, and see what we could see in it. We called this making crayon ink blot tests.

Once, we decided to make a crayon out of our shavings instead of making crayon ink blot tests. I can't remember what we used as a cylindrical mold, but we dumped our crayon shavings in, heated it up, and voila! A multicolored crayon. It was so cool, because it was huge, and as you colored with it, you never knew what color you would discover on your paper from one second to the next. When I see these crayon hearts, I think of that.

The main picture on this listing is beautifully done. I love the way that the hearts are piled in a seemingly haphazard manner. The bright colors caused me to think initially that they were heart-shaped candies. Unfortunately, the seller does not mention in the listing what size these are, nor is there any size indicator in the pictures. Interestingly, the seller placed an apostrophe in the title word "hearts." Curious.

Concerning tags, "children" is misspelled and no materials are listed. I love that shipping is offered to anywhere in the world and two forms of payment are accepted - so if a buyer does not like to use Paypal, this seller also accepts money order.

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